Hello, I am an Colombian Web Developer, based in Cali, Valle del cauca. I work with individuals and companies (small business to corporate) worldwide, providing quality development services. Currently I am self employed and making all my income online. I am an experienced PHP developer with a degree in engineering. Apart from PHP, I have expert knowledge in MySQL and excellent knowledge in Javascript/jQuery, HTML and CSS. I am well versed in MVC software architecture and several PHP frameworks, as well as WebSocket technology. I develop scalable, secure, object-oriented web applications with efficient database structures. I also have experience in managing projects, hiring and overseeing staff. My English is excellent and I can provide updates as often as needed when I work. Believe me it is my best job ever!

My skills:

  • Oriented Object Programming
  • PHP 5.6 - Codeigniter 3 - 4
  • PSR-2 Coding Standard PHPcs
  • Agile methodologies, SCRUM - XP
  • HTML - CSS - JS
  • MariaDB - PostgreSQL
  • Subversion